17 Aralık 2007

Sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin

"It is tea-time on Baker Street and there is no sign of a meeting on the horizon for Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr Watson. Nevertheless, something seems to be bothering our detective. It has been a good two weeks since the papers last mentioned the French thief, Arsène Lupin, who has taunted Police throughout the whole continent with ever more spectacular burglaries. Is this apparent calm preceding a new burst of action from Lupin?

The arrival of an unusual letter suddenly plunges our two heroes into a story which promises many trials ahead. Arsène Lupin, the famous burglar, is clearly pushing the greatest detective to the breaking point as he defies Holmes to prevent him from stealing five objects of great value, all housed in famous landmarks around London. The only clue that Sherlock Holmes has is a strange poem written by the burglar, and signed Arseno Lotinho…"

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